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This is a fascinating article about how turmeric can beat steroids hands down.


I certainly hope so!  Desperately trying to get off steroids.  Over the last three years I have experienced steady weight gain, especially truncal weight, that won’t shift no matter what I do.  So every time I go out for a meal and put on a pound or two, or go on holiday and put on several pounds(!), that’s it; they’re stuck there for life.  Doesn’t matter that I go back to my normal diet, or even less than usual, it just won’t move. And I hate my newly flubbery blubbery belly and hips.  I have also had increasing depression/mood swings (which is most unlike me, I’m usually a pretty upbeat, positive person) and insomnia – that the doctors strenuously resist treating (thanks for your ‘understanding’ chaps).

So after 2 months, I’ve got down to 3mg/day.  And it bloody hurts!  Big-time pain and fatigue, haven’t lost an ounce (grrrr), still insomniac.  Mood improving but often still slightly depressed – which is depressing!

But since I’ve been using GP (golden paste) the pain is noticeably less.  I think my head is clearer too.  And my bowel activity seems better.  Still no weight loss (grrrr) and still insomniac, though perhaps that has improved minimally.

So I would recommend anyone suffering from pain and inflammation and/or on steroids to take a serious look at all things turmeric.  For starters, there is a FaceBook group – Turmeric Users Group.  This has countless useful files with all sorts of information on turmeric benefits, uses and recipes.  And there is the http://www.turmericforhealth.com website.


EU scaremongering

So last night Osborne revealed his latest treasury report on the likely implications of leaving the EU.  What another load of baseless scaremongering and disinformation.  Implying through manipulative presentation that leaving the EU would leave each household £4300 p.a. worse off.  Scandalously misleading.

And why are we not hearing more from the Brexit campaign?  It all seems to be Stay In hysteria.

There don’t seem to be any balanced arguments being put forward, only dogmatic alarmist fixed positions.

Broken leg?

Major drama last night with Oscar.

So I was in the lounge, Peter was in the kitchen and Oscar had just been called in from the garden.  Peter called frantically, ‘Judy! Come quick! Oscar’s lame’.  So I rushed to the kitchen and, sure enough, Oscar was holding his left front leg up, hopping, and looking very alarmed and sorry for himself.

By now both of us are thinking he’s done a major damage, maybe by stepping on something sharp in the garden and shredded his paw, or he’s twisted his leg and broken it.

So Peter held him up while I checked underneath.  What do I find?  He’d stepped on a half nut or fruit shell of some kind and it had stuck to one of his pads.  What a prize wuss! Lots of reassuring cuddles and a treat and he was right as rain.

Jury Service


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I have just received my first ever jury summons.  At 63!  Why now??!!

Anyhow, there’s absolutely no way I would be able to cope so I have completed the form and whizzed it off saying:

“I have Antiphospholipid Syndrome, Sjögrens Syndrome and hypothyroidism.  These conditions cause chronic fatigue, joint and muscle pains, insomnia, depression and mood swings, ‘brain fog’/poor concentration/poor memory.  I need to sleep every afternoon to have enough energy to get through the day.  I would not be able to attend all day, because of pain and fatigue.”

I gather from a hypothyroid forum on FaceBook (Hypothyroid UK) that many people have successfully requested excusal on health grounds including hypothyroidism.  So I hope that works for me too.

So far, I haven’t submitted any supporting medical evidence.  But if there’s any quibble about an excusal I shall certainly get some!

Health benefits of choir singing

Being in a choir could help the body fight cancer by boosting the immune system

  • Singing reduces stress hormones, such as cortisol, and boosts mood
  • Reducing anxiety takes strain off immune system so it can fight disease
  • People with depression experienced the greatest mood improvement
  • The research suggests singing in a choir could help put cancer patients in the best possible position to receive treatment and stop tumours returning
All true! And highly recommended!

Developments in chronic fatigue research

Article in The Guardian, Monday 4 April.

Is chronic fatigue syndrome finally being taken seriously?

Interesting to note a possible autoimmune connection: “CFS is really an umbrella term for a whole variety of underlying illnesses – some psychological or due to anxiety-related exercise intolerance, but many others down to neurological impairment, energy-production impairment or even autoimmune dysfunction.”

Some patients have benefited from immunotherapy.  Also, “In some cases, something has damaged the mitochondria which provide energy for immune cells, brain cells and your muscle cells, and such patients can improve a lot from treatments such as a membrane lipid replacement.”


Hula hooping

I just got myself a hula hoop!  Haven’t tried this since (long-ago) childhood!

Not sure if I’ve got the right size. The first one I tried (from Sports Direct) was way too small and so impossible to keep up!

Checking online, I discovered that the recommended starter size is at least 1″ from floor to navel, but this is a good 2-3″ larger than that.  However, I do seem to be just about able to keep the thing airborne for a while.  In fact I probably stop more because of lack of stamina than lack of technique.

Certainly qualifies as cardiovascular exercise!  I’m quite rapidly puffed!  But it’s fun, and a challenge.  And I hope should eliminate a few extra steroid-induced pounds and inches!



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