Weird new symptoms

So what are all these weird new symptoms???  I can’t breathe – that’s been going on for months.  I’m ridiculously tired, tho wired.  And I just feel spaced out, disconnected somehow, and like my brain – no, rewind, I don’t have a brain any more – my head is full of cotton wool and treacle.  Great combo!  So … do I have another chest infection? or am I clotting? or is it that the long-term steroids are running out?

Took 5mg prednisolone this morning, just to see.  Though if I’ve got an infection, that wouldn’t have been clever!

Seeing GP on Friday.  Can I wait that long??  Should I take myself off to A&E?

I’d like to get the scrip for Clexane and start that – but don’t want to until after I’ve had the dental implant – and can’t do that until about two weeks after I’ve stopped whitening my teeth – and I’ve only just started, so the implant’s probably a good month off.

Eeeesh, what to do eh?

And I want to go to Lucy’s 40th birthday party tomorrow night – even tho I feel rubbish.  Grrrr.

Tooth Whitening

Interesting.  Started Tuesday 1st January.  Put w-a-y too much gloop into the trays and so had terribly painful front upper teeth on Wednesday.  Finally spotted there’s a nozzle in with the syringes that you need to attach after you’ve removed the cap.  That took some figuring out too – instructions could be clearer!  Aaaah, now I see.  So now it’s possible to put the instructed tiny drop of gel in each tooth mould to be whitened.  So on Wednesday night I left out the painful teeth and yesterday they were fine.  But then the bottom front teeth played up – gawd!  So last night I left those out, but included the top front teeth.  Though I’m not now adding gloop to the moulds for the veneer or temporary crown – no point, since they won’t absorb any of it anyhow.  This morning everything seemed fine but around late morning the bottom fronts started playing up again – after a yummy hot chocolate actually.  I can actually see the gum line is a little red and inflamed there.  OK, so I’ll leave those out again tonight.

The crown is starting to worry me as it’s already looking rather dingy in comparison with the other teeth.  Have emailed Harman to ask what, if anything, can be done about that.  Or do I just talk with my lips over my teeth for the next month?  Not a good look!


Went for chemo again today.  Preliminary blood tests showed his neutrophils are low again at 2.92.  Last time they were 4.something, and we’ve stopped felimazole since then so maybe it isn’t that knocking his neutrophils out?  Seemed to have high eosinophils too – which I thought were indications of allergy.  And something called MCHC, mean cell haemoglobin concentration, or iron deficiency anaemia.  I guess Culverden are going to have to talk to Gerry at Northdowns and take it from there.   Gerry said we should review Theodore’s chemo after a year anyway, and next session would be a year – wow, what a star!  Imagine him seeing another Christmas with us and having made it into another new year.