Day 3 of Clexane injections and jury’s still out.

I’ve just woken up at 4.30pm from a 2.5 hours sleep. Feeling all thick-headed and at risk of a migraine.

Overnight after first Clexane injection on Friday my head cleared and I got rid of that ‘drunken’ feeling.  Chest cleared too and instead of being tight and wheezy, I started coughing which, perversely, was good!  Loosened mucus and I could breathe.

Still feel very tired.  And I can’t say the brain has improved any, not so’s you’d notice anyhow!  Still virtually forgetting my own name, where I’ve put things, forgetting to buy things even when they’re on the list that I’ve miraculously remembered to bring with me!  Typing is still rubbish.  Yadayadayadayada…