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Woke up this morning feeling so shit I thought ‘this can’t go on’, but wasn’t sure what to do: phone GP and ask to speak to duty doc?; go straight to A&E?; hang on till appointment with Jutting on Friday?; just ask duty GP to at least request an urgent Xray?

In the end I decided to look up Jennifer Graves’ private secretary and rang to ask if they had by any chance already received a referral letter from Jutting.  Yeah – FAT chance!  But she asked if I wanted to make an appointment.  I dithered but asked when that might be and when I was told tomorrow morning (!!!!) I jumped at it!

EIGHT BLOODY MONTHS I’ve had these symptoms and STILL BLOODY WAITING for the NHS to do something, ANYBLOODYTHING!

Let’s hope she’s approachable and competent, that she knows about APS/Sjogrens, and that this gets things moving.

I really do need to be able to breathe.  It’s definitely desirable!