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Newsflash in from consultant is that they have found some aspergillus in my samples.  Nasty little bugger, that.  Don’t know yet what strain of aspergillus or whether it’s a chronic invasive type or a fungal ball (aspergilloma).  Treatments don’t look like much fun either: antifungals and/or immunosuppressants, possibly even surgery though that runs the risk of spreading the fungus further – not recommended.

Aspergillus is readily found on plants, trees and fallen leaves. Given that my house backs on to woods and my garden is always knee-deep in fallen leaves, that’s obviously a major risk factor.  I also have damp in the wall by my head where I sleep so will clearly have to get something done about that sooner rather than later.

Oh goodee.  What fun lies ahead.  At least I’m making a little progress in terms of finding out what’s going on, but it is likely to still be some time before they figure out what to do about it and meanwhile I have to deal with chronic coughing, shortness of breath and general physical and mental fatigue – trrific! www.aspergillus.org.uk/