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It’s been an ‘interesting’ few days!

I had a bronchoscopy under GA last Wednesday.  I should have been ‘out’ for about 4 minutes – it took over an hour!  First, they couldn’t intubate me (can’t imagine why – I’ve never had much trouble getting things down my throat before :-)).  Then one tube wasn’t big enough to take the telescope, so they had to change to a bigger one.  Then, biggest biggie, they couldn’t get into my right lung at all cos they found the right main bronchus was completely blocked with some hideous, black, sticky gunk.  They tried to suction it out with the flexible scope, then had to change to a rigid scope (good thing I’d insisted on a GA, then, they wouldn’t have been able to get a rigid scope down me conscious) to try with that.  Still couldn’t remove any significant amount of the gunk.

So there it sits. And I await analyses and probably further pokings and probings – and not of a pleasurable kind!

Current thinking so far is it might be fungal, e.g. aspergillus – which wouldn’t be good news.   I’m wondering about mycoplasma pneumoniae – which I definitely had once before and is known to lurk indefinitely.  Could be a form of vasculitis.

Went home that evening and lay about pretty much all day Thursday feeling rather sledgehammered and with a fiendishly sore throat – funny that!  Also my guts were bloated and sore, I was constipated, but peeing constantly, though never completely emptying my bladder.  All the fluids they pumped into me, no doubt.  Deep joys.

On Saturday I was well enough to go out for a girly lunch and in the evening P and I went to an early showing of ‘Quartet’.  I ate a dark chocolate truffle at one point and suddenly started convulsive coughing, which I just about managed to get under control.  When we got home I had a neat vodka and that really kicked things off!  Was coughing so violently I genuinely thought I’d choke/suffocate.  So off we trogged to A&E.  Bad move.  Note to self – if ever in need of urgent medical attention, call an ambulance.  That way you are guaranteed at least a modicum of immediate medical attention!

I was in triage within about 20 minutes, which wasn’t too bad.  Then proceeded to have the mother of all coughing fits while the idiot nurse looked on gormlessly.  I was convinced I was about to die.  But actually fortunately managed to hawk up a great plug of gunk.  UNfortunately, I swallowed it.  I think I was so desperate to breathe, I couldn’t stop to produce a sample.  Nor was I offered any kind of receptacle.  Not a biggie, anyhow, as they’ve already sent off a load of samples for analysis.

The nurse took me through to a cubicle and left me.  And that was it!  Not a peep, not a glance from a single soul for the next hour!  Sent Peter to check on progress, to be told that there were 10 people ahead of me.  At midnight.  Terrific.  So we came home again.

Since then I’ve had relatively mild coughing fits and have had to use Benylin to get to sleep and stay asleep at night.  Now my ribs hurt!

Interesting medical discovery – it would seem that an infusion of a cocktail of dark chocolate and neat vodka would be a highly effective way to cut through the crap in my lungs!!  I could cope with that!