Looks like I have my diagnosis now: chronic eosinophilic pneumonia, with aspergillus fumigatus fungus. I suspect the fungus, along wth Sjogren’s, is the cause. And, do you know, I printed out notes on CEP two years ago when they told me I had ‘pneumonia’ and it just didn’t ring true. When will I ever learn to trust my instincts and press my case?!

Treatment of course is high-dose steroids, starting with 3 days IV methylprednisolone, then oral steroids starting with 30mg/day for a week. Deep joy. So obesity, headaches, sleeplessness and even more bone density loss here we come! The assumption is I’ll be on low-dose steroids for ever. No way! Too awful to contemplate. Will speak to my lovely naturopathic doctor soon and find an alternative.

GOOD news is I should start to feel massively better very soon.