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Well, I gave it a try for 3 days.  Just one tab (100mg) a day, with my lunch in bed so that then I could sleep off the side effects.  I found they were giving me mild, nauseous migrainy headachy symptoms – and I’m prone to those anyway.  Also, I was getting solidly constipated again – after having spent years to get that more or less under control.  These are both listed side effects.  Didn’t fancy that for the next 3 months!  And that was on only half the dose as well.

Also, it wasn’t ever considered compulsory to take them anyway, since I don’t have an aspergillus infeSction as such, ‘just’ an immune overreaction to it.

Instead, I’m taking BioCare Oregano Oil, BioCare Biocidin (or Higher Nature Citricidal) (grapefruit seed extract), and good-quality organic coconut oil, all of which are natural antifungals.  Plus I’m also taking Solgar’s N-acetyl-cysteine, an amino acid that’s good for chesty complaints, including bronchitis and pneumonia.