Many of us with Sjogren’s Syndrome, and it’s many ‘friends’ suffer from chronic constipation.  It’s related to intestinal inflammation and, particularly in the case of SS, dryness in the colon.

I suffered with total, concrete constipation for over two years.  I consulted two eminent professors of gastroenterology/neurogastroenterology.  I was prodded and poked about at great expense and embarrassment.  All to no avail.

Eventually my lovely naturopathic doctor, Dr Franziska Meuschel (dr.meuschel@btinternet.com) (I really should be getting commission, considering the number of times I recommend her!)

First we did a stool test.  That showed absolutely zero good bugs – a result Franziska had never come across before.  So we fixed that with natural antibiotics and probiotics (Uva Ursi, Oregano Oil, Polyzyme Forte, BioAcidophilus).

Now I keep things more or less going with a couple of dessertspoons of sauerkraut every evening and a glass of prune juice every morning.  If things get ‘backed up’ I can resort to the occasional glycerine suppository (OTC), or a couple of bisacodyl (I get them on prescription but also available OTC as Dulcolax), or even an occasional coffee enema.

Other people have different strategies, e.g. grind linseed with sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds and have 2 full tablespoons with porridge (or yoghurt, soup, juice etc). That way you get the recommended daily intake of omega 3 & 6. Grind 1dl of linseed and 1/2dl of each of the other three seeds) approx every 7-9 days. The mixed seeds keep well in a glass jar in the fridge (avoid plastic). Also have some grated apple and 2-3 prunes (soaked overnight) and a small handful of raisins with porridge (made with water) – makes a great breakfast.

Someone else suggested a couple of slippery elm tablets taken before food.

Any other hints tips and tricks gratefully received here!