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So I stopped the amoxicillin last Thursday – and still had a thumping migraine till Saturday.

Then, when that finally subsided I felt awful.  Like, the worst cold/flu you could ever imagine.  So long since I had a ‘proper’ cold (let alone flu), I can barely remember what they feel like – but I’m sure it wasn’t like this.  Thought I was going to die!!  Oceans of yukky mucus/phlegm – yuk!

So I figured, OK, while on steroids, maybe I can’t fight this on my own, maybe I do need something.  Just something different.  So I called my consultant this morning and spoke to some sort of secretary (usual NHS customer-‘friendliness’ – not).  She called me back this afternoon just giving me a message to say that Dr Graves didn’t have anything else to suggest, that she’ll see me in clinic next week, and that if I feel really unwell in the meantime (well, yeah, duh, that’s kinda why I’m phoning!), I should go to A&E.  Oh, and sit there while they ignore me for 6 hours – as I said to the (‘charming’) secretary?  Been there, done that.  I don’t think so.  Not impressed.

It begins to look as though orthodox medicine is not going to have the solutions I need.  Quelle surprise!  I think I will go and see my naturopathic doctor Franziska, and/or have a telephone consult with her, to see what she has to suggest.  It’s no good me being on steroids long-term if they leave me open to hideous infections that I then can’t fight because I have no immunity, and can’t deal with pharmaceutically because I can’t tolerate any antibiotics.

In the meantime, I have dropped my steroids down from 15mg/day to 13.5mg/day. And I have found, lurking in my pharmacy cupboard, in addition to the Oregano Oil Complex (antifungal properties) and N-acetyl-cysteine, some echinacea drops (immune support), and some Uva Ursi (antibiotic, esp. good for UTIs, but also inflammation and bronchitis).  Do I imagine it or am I starting to dry up already?