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Interesting article on the connection between gluten sensitivity and/or dairy sensitivity and Sjogren’s.  No doubt it also applies to APS.


I’ve long known I feel better if I keep gluten and dairy intake down to a bare minimum.  So I was right all along!  Should really cut them out completely.  I did for some years and I’m sure that contributed massively to better health.

I guess I probably only have gluten about once a week – can’t resist yummy bread as a starter when we go out for our ritual Saturday pub lunch!  I avoid pastry, cakes, pasta, pizza, biscuits, crackers – unless I’m using gluten-free versions at home.  Or, again, in desperation if away from home.

I only have cow’s milk when there’s absolutely no alternative.  If I want milk I use either soya or goat’s milk.  I do, however, have cow’s butter (though often goat’s butter too), and cow’s milk cheese (again, often goat or sheep) and I do have cow’s yoghurt (again sometimes goat yoghurt).  I’m thinking these versions of dairy produce are not so bad because they’re fermented?  But I stand to be corrected on that point.