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Had some cosmetic work done last Tuesday: forehead Botox and fillers either side of my mouth.  Had both done before with no problems.  (And yes, yes, I know they’re toxic, and evil, and vain – but I don’t care!)  But the right side filler site came up in the most godawful bruise.  It’s still there, a ‘fetching’ dull grey/yellow now.

And on Wednesday I needed a front temporary crown replaced – it was loose.  Should have taken 5 minutes but took over an hour and Jose (however lovely – sigh!) was manhandling me pretty robustly for much of that time.  On the same side as the filler, which presumably didn’t help.  And that’s been sore as hell ever since, and still is – so nearly a week later.

This doesn’t strike me as normal.  Do I assume it’s the steroids?  I think they can make you bruise more easily.

Certainly hope it is just bruising with the tooth and not an infection.

And I now dread even more than previously the prospect of replacing the temporary crown with an implant – ouch.  Not to mention risk of infection.  Oh Gawd, does it never end?

I’ve also noticed that the daily B12 jabs I do hurt now – they never used to.  Now I know why poor Theodore sometimes hisses when I give him his weekly jab.  Vet said he would cos it stings – and I couldn’t figure out why cos previously my B12 jabs had never hurt.  Poor baby.  But sometimes he’s perfectly OK with them.  Seems partly to do with getting B12 at room temperature.  Partly my aim, probably!