Not for the first time, this morning I found myself wondering how the health system in this country would function if you chose not to have a GP.  How would you get a referral to a consultant?  And if, as I suspect, that’s not possible without a GP referral, what happens then?  Can you be required by law to have a GP, even if you don’t want one?  Wouldn’t that be a breach of civil liberties?

I don’t even really see how it can come down to saying that, if you don’t want a GP but want to see a consultant, you could just pay to do that.  Of course, you’d have trouble with any health insurance scheme because they always insist you go through the GP gatekeeping system before authorising claims when seeing consultants.  And I think most consultants would be extremely reluctant to see even private, self-funding patients, without a GP referral.

Now, is it just me, or does this seem just plain wrong?

I very rarely find my GP useful for anything other than either referring me to a consultant or writing scrips for drugs prescribed by said consultants. In fact, I more often than not find GPs to be a hindrance rather than a help (even though my own, regular, GP is one of the ‘good guys’).   So why do I have to bother with a GP at all?!?