Today I ordered an adrenal stress profile kit from Genova UK (£75).  If it’s like others I’ve done in the past, it’ll be a 24-hour salivary test that I do at home, then just send off the spit (always assuming I can produce enough that is – bit of a challenge with Sjogrens!), then the results get sent to my naturopathic doctor, Franziska.

The random cortisol test I had done about 6 weeks ago showed ‘normal-to-high’ but since that’s (a) a snapshot, (b) only measures one adrenal output and (c) I’m on steroids – that doesn’t really tell us very much.  Dr Graves has now referred me to Professor Lolin, the endocrinologist (so yet another ‘ology’ to add to my large and growing collection!) but I don’t know how long an appointment will take to come through, and I also don’t entirely trust the orthodox medics to either analyse or treat adrenal function thoroughly.

Previous salivary profiles I’ve done in the past have always shown abnormalities and I’m becoming more and more convinced that the steroids have murdered my already dodgy adrenals.  So I need to look into this.  May be barking very loudly up a wrong tree, of course.  I’m just desperate to find some explanations for the crap, and very weird way I’m feeling.

Yesterday, for instance, I woke up feeling awful. Gasping for breath, knackered, wondered if I’d even make it out of bed, let alone work.  But by mid-morning I was feeling OK.  OK, for me, that is.  Today, I woke up feeling much better, thought, ‘oh that’s good, at least I feel better than yesterday’.  Wrong!  Have felt increasingly crap all day.  But in a very difficult-to-define way.  Sort of woozy, out of it, knackered, aching muscles.  But then able (just) to do the shopping, then lightly clean the house and prepare tea for a friend coming round tonight.  Uh?  Seem to feel slightly better on the move.  Oxygen to the brain?  Brain?  What brain?????