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Had my dental implant this Monday.  UR1, so right at the front of my mouth.  My previous crown broke off one Sunday afternoon (typical! – these things never happen during working hours, do they?) so something had to be done and the alternatives were a denture (yuk!) or a bridge.  The bridge would have been cheaper, but would have required work on three otherwise healthy teeth, probably wouldn’t have looked as good, could feel odd, and probably wouldn’t last as long.  So I went down the implant route.

I was terrified!  Normally the dentist doesn’t phase me – I get far more anxious over a trip to a doctor (usually because I anticipate, usually correctly, a fight over something or another).  But the thought of a titanium bolt being screwed into my jaw was just a bit of a worry.  Despite assurances that it would be much less uncomfortable than a filling. Yeah, right.

But it was!  Piece of you-know-what.  Just a few minutes of gentle, quiet pushing and shoving, with a little vibration, and that was it.  Job jobbed.  Though that was then followed by about an hour and a half of faffing about, fashioning and fitting the temporary crown.  Now the bone has to heal for 2-3 months before the permanent abutment (post) and crown can be fitted.

I then feared horrendous after-effects with swelling, bruising, pain, infection, exhaustion.  But nope, diddly squat really.  OK, I took 4 paracetamol in the first 12 hours or so, and I do feel sledgehammered.  But then it doesn’t take much to do that to me anyway.  And particularly at present with numerous other issues going on.  Worst problem was the bloody antibiotics I was supposed to take – 500mg amoxycillin 3/day for 5 days.  I took 4 250mgs, got raging diarrhoea and a migraine – as I’d said I would – and gave that up as a bad job.  Lord knows how they’re ever going to be able to deliver antibiotics to me in future, I just can’t tolerate them.  Perhaps IV delivery might help.  But can you imagine the ‘fun’ I’d have trying to persuade the medics to do that?!

But the tooth has been almost painless.  No obvious swelling or bruising.  There was a teensy bit of blood oozing around the gum line for a couple of days but that seems to have stopped now (even with taking aspirin for the APS).  So I’m hoping for a gold star when I go back to see the delicious Jose on Monday morning.  He’d even given me his mobile number and said I could phone any time, even 3am.  And he called me on Wednesday to see how I was getting on.  Not doing anything to quell my raging senile crush!!!

Thank heaven, though, that I didn’t let him give me the 1g of amoxycillin as a precaution immediately before treatment!  I would have been a mess, considering how I reacted to that dose over 24 hours.  Apparently it’s mandatory in Spain before oral surgery.  Not for me, Pal!!!

And there went another £1000.  Poof.  I’m now up to about £2200, and heading for a final bill around £2700.  And that’s still saved me about £1000 over what my previous dentist would have charged.  Jose was offering a cut-price deal on implants while he gets established here in the UK, having been headhunted from Spain on the strength of his implantology expertise.  I can certainly recommend him.  And he’s not hard on the eyes, either!!!