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I think I’ve figured out what’s been making me ill. My dentist! Yes, the delicious sexy Spanish one. Oh no!

When I checked back through my medical diary I could see that every time I’ve had a dental procedure or surgery this year, about 3 days later I’ve started recording aching, fatigue, joint and muscle pain. Feeling pretty much like flu, without the fever. For about a month. That can’t be a coincidence.

I reckon that the stress/trauma/injury of the procedures spark off an autoimmune flare. And I’m guessing the best response is a combination of steroids, painkillers, as much rest as Life will allow(!), and patience!

My naturopath says she often sees this in people with autoimmune conditions.  Some react to the materials used in implants as well.  Although, in my case, I had the same reaction when Jose was just replacing a temporary crown – so before any ‘alien’ materials were inserted.  Could on occasion I suppose be the anaesthetic, but then I didn’t have any anaesthetic at the last procedure I had on 26/9, which was installation of the permanent crown, so isn’t just that either.

Just thought I’d share in case this is useful to others. Also, I feel the dental profession needs to be made more aware of the stress impact of dental work on autoimmune patients.