Yesterday I had a brief telephone conversation with Prof Lolin, my endocrinologist.

She tells me I have chronically low BP.  Also low resting aldosterone, although it rises slowly to ‘normal’ on standing (I don’t have the figures yet, or the reference ranges).  And I have chronically low sodium, I am salt-depleted and my kidneys are retaining virtually all my salt.

The top-notch medical advice is to take more salt with it!  Specifically, have 2 teaspoons of Swiss Bouillon in hot water every day.  Very pleasant, rather like very weak, vegetarian Bovril!

Already, I think my head feels clearer.  I also seem more relaxed, heart is not racing, and I slept better last night.

I see that symptoms of low sodium can include headache, confusion/altered mental state, seizures, decreased consciousness/coma, restlessness, irritability, muscle spasms/cramps, weakness, tiredness, nausea and vomiting.  That would cover an awful lot of my symptoms, particularly the decreased consciousness, fatigue, weakness, restlessness and irritability.  Good, I hope it’s as simple as some Swiss Bouillon every day!

I have to go back for a repeat Lolinogram (24hr urine test for salt/water) in a month.

Quite how this all relates to thryoid and other issues I don’t yet know.

But I also discover that my most recent thyroid profile showed TSH 0.8, FT3 3.2 and FT4 22.3.  That seems to suggest to me that, while my TSH is ‘normal’, I’m not converting T4 to T3 very well.  I think this needs further investigation and meds adjustment.  Maybe I need some T3 as well, or instead. Or to switch to Armour thyroid.  Or maybe some of my vitamins and minerals are out of whack.  Prof Lolin will also look into all this for me.  Though I fully expect her approach to be entirely orthodox, so I may not get as far as I’d like to with her and may need to seek some additional ‘complementary’ input.