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This is a fascinating article about how turmeric can beat steroids hands down.


I certainly hope so!  Desperately trying to get off steroids.  Over the last three years I have experienced steady weight gain, especially truncal weight, that won’t shift no matter what I do.  So every time I go out for a meal and put on a pound or two, or go on holiday and put on several pounds(!), that’s it; they’re stuck there for life.  Doesn’t matter that I go back to my normal diet, or even less than usual, it just won’t move. And I hate my newly flubbery blubbery belly and hips.  I have also had increasing depression/mood swings (which is most unlike me, I’m usually a pretty upbeat, positive person) and insomnia – that the doctors strenuously resist treating (thanks for your ‘understanding’ chaps).

So after 2 months, I’ve got down to 3mg/day.  And it bloody hurts!  Big-time pain and fatigue, haven’t lost an ounce (grrrr), still insomniac.  Mood improving but often still slightly depressed – which is depressing!

But since I’ve been using GP (golden paste) the pain is noticeably less.  I think my head is clearer too.  And my bowel activity seems better.  Still no weight loss (grrrr) and still insomniac, though perhaps that has improved minimally.

So I would recommend anyone suffering from pain and inflammation and/or on steroids to take a serious look at all things turmeric.  For starters, there is a FaceBook group – Turmeric Users Group.  This has countless useful files with all sorts of information on turmeric benefits, uses and recipes.  And there is the http://www.turmericforhealth.com website.