Yesterday I picked up my prescription for Itraconazole antifungals.  I’m supposed to take 4 100mg tabs/day.  The list of side effects reads like a horror story of course, so I thought I’d start off slow.  I took just one tablet with lunch.  A while afterwards I definitely started to feel a tad queasy and migraine-headachy.  Hmmm, not encouraging.  Headaches and nausea, even vomiting, are listed among the side effects, along with potential liver damage.  As I’m normally prone to nauseous migraine headaches anyway, and my liver enzymes are already slightly raised, this is a concern.  I think I’ll take it very slowly and monitor.

Meanwhile, I am also using coconut oil and grapefruit seed extract (Citricidal from Higher Nature, Biocidin from BioCare), and N-acetyl-cysteine, as advised by my lovely naturopathic doctor, Franziska Meuschel (dr.meuschel@btinternet.com), all of which will help to thin the mucus that has accumulated in my inflamed, irritated lungs.

N-A-C seems to be particularly good for most things that ail me being listed as a mucolytic (mucus thinner), having antioxidant and liver protective properties, is used for bronchitis, chronic obstructive lung disorder (COPD), Sjogren’s, cystic and pulmonary fibrosis, hay fever, pneumonia.  Marvellous that I had some lurking in my vast home pharmacy, though I really must get some fresh!